4th Midland Rhinoplasty Course
25th and 26th on September 2006

Mount Hotel, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

The Midlands Rhinoplasty Course was held in the opulent splendour of The Great Hall of The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton. The course offered instruction on varied aspects of functional and aesthetic septo/rhinoplasty on the form of lectures, small group tutorials and operative videos and was aimed at the level of SpRs and young consultants. The organiser was Mr Paul Glossop (Wolverhampton) with myself as secretary. The invited faculty included Mr Tony Bull (London), Mr Paul White (Dundee) Mr Simon Watts (Brighton) and Mr Nicholas Grew (Wolverhampton).
Mr Bull, urbane and witty, bestowed on the proceedings the wisdom of a long and distinguished career, particularly with respect to closed and aesthetic rhinoplasty whilst Mr White brought to bear his considerable experience of open structure rhinoplasty. Mr Watts, a disciple of the Niemegen School, impressed us with his broad-based knowledge in facial-plastics including the management of nasal tumours and flap reconstruction. Mr Grew showed us how to manage advanced tumours requiring total rhinectomy. Mr Glossop presented on aesthetics and the management of the twisted nose with special reference to the extra-corporeal septoplasty. Interesting discussion was promoted by the differing approaches of faculty members to some problems though the predominant tone was of concord.
The Course Dinner, also held in the Great Hall, was attended by faculty members and most of the delegates. Despite liberal libations, all were fit for the following morning’s early start!
The Course attracts 12 CME points and is open to 25 delegates. Information on next year’s course will be posted on the website…www.midlandrhinoplasty.co.uk.

Neel Umapathy, Course Secretary.